Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Created a New Website

After purchasing my domain name, called making-money-website.com.
I installed wordpress on my hosting using Fantastico through the control panel providd by the host provider.
This took a couple of minutes.
I will be posting all the videos I have created on YouTube on how to do this and of course how I actually did this.
I then changed the theme, the look of the wordpress theme. Took 30 seconds to install, however,choosign the theme was the most difficult part to do.
Once the theme was changed.
I made a few changes to the settings, installed a SEO plugin, permalinks settings, prviacy settings and I had created a website.

As the website is still fresh and I will be adding quality content to it regularly, I thought that I would put some Google Ads on the right hand side and Clickbank ads in the main page.
Visit http://making-money-website.com
and you'll be able to see how powerful WordPress is and how quickly a website can be created!

WordPress Software

After choosing a hosting company and purchasing a domain name for a year or 2 with either a domain registrar like godaddy.com or cheapnames.com, then the next stage is for you to create a website.

As I have mentioned and will keep mentioning, a great and efficient way of creating creative and attractive, professional looking websites without knowing about html, php, css, etc is to usw WordPress. I am a WordPress enthusiast and always will be.
Not only is Wordpress easy to use it is also search engine friendly and search engines such as Google rank Wordpress highly. Learn more about Wordpress http://wordpress.com/

What is Wordpress?
Wordpress is a free software product that is quickly becoming the most popular blogging software on the Internet.
Wordpress.com is also Ranked #18 on Alexa.com (09/03/2010) which counts for a lot.

Wordpress.org vs. Wordpress.com:

Wordpress is available in two forms. Wordpress.com is an Open Source software which means it is free for anyone to use and modify to meet their personal needs (in this case, to create blogs). Since it's free, it does have limitations. Alternatively, Wordpress.org provides the software to create your blog, but Wordpress.org does not host your blog on the Internet for you. You will have to pay a separate hosting provider to obtain a domain name and host your blog online. Using Wordpress.org with a paid hosting service provides maximum flexibility and customization.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Different Ways to Make Money

There are hundreds of ways to make money from the internet.
You may alwasy find different people, webmasters making tons of cash using any one of these ways of making money. But they did not make it overnight.
Please note that the wasy to make money are going to be slow ways and small amounts to begin with and do not assume or think that I am telling you that they are Quick Rich Schemes, overnight way to make money. None of them are Get Rich Quick schemes, nor will I ever claim that you'll make money quickly and easily overnight. However, just get rich SLOWLY and have LOTS OF FUN!!! doing so.
I just checked my Google Adsense account where I had 4 ads on 2 websites and I made around £4.02 since 9/11/09. I know it's not much to most people, but it is the first amount of money I have made from the internet without too much effort.
I have been trying to promote Clickbank products using Affiliates to earn commission.
and used to check my Clickbank account weekly and to this day I haven't made anything!!! But I am still learning.
Twitter: I set a goal of getting 1000 followers.
YouTube: You can use youtube to make money, again not a quick rich way but a slow and sure way. Watch this youtube video on ways to How to Make Money with YOUTUBE

Free Resources

I will be listing all of the websites, free videos, trainings, internet resources, ebooks, etc that anyone can get for free.
Please checkout my website for Free Resources

Learning and Action

It's all about learning and action in internet marketing. Without both you will not be able to move forward in your internet marketing success.
Internet marketing success is not an overnight success. It takes time and effort to achieve your goals, to achive your study to action when you have learnt something new.
Over the last few days, I have other projects not related to internet marketing and a young family. Things do get in the way whether you are self employed, full time employee, retired, semi-retired, etc. You might be one of those people who do not let things get in the way. Well you are very lucky that you can do this!
However, for the majority of us, who do start projects, and try to look for other sources of income, things may get in the way such as life's ups and downs and this just slows down the pace of learning, putting the study into action and achieving your goals sooner than later.
This is my experience.
You should always make a conscious effort to do one thing each and every day to make it a habit and rest away for later.
I came across the Clickbank HopAdbuilder yesterday and got carried away and started putting all of these links on 2 of my websites including my blog.
I learnt more about Google Adsense
Watch this video to learn more, must for everyone to understand what Google Adsense can provide, But not overnight earnings, this lady took a few years to achieve this!!
Click Google Adsense Record Earnings $5,974
I watched this video and started putting Google Adsense some of my websites and blogs.
These are things I studied and actioned. There is a need to make it a goal when to find one thing and do it! This is the STUDY:ACTION ratio. 1 hour study and 4 hours action, 1:4. Increase this each week or month and try to make it a study action ratio of say 1:10, 1:16 or whatever suits you. Implementing this. Winners do things that winners risk.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Social Media Marketing Websites

Spent a whole lot of time researching the growth of Social Media Marketing Websites.
Visit my main website to learn more about my findings.


It seems to me that there is a rpaid growth in the Social Media Marketing and it is a Phenomenon!

Using Tools to get Twitter Followers

There are a number of tools out there that can aid you in helping you to get targeted followers to your niche or to follow you in general.
I have tried a couple that do cost (but don't really break the bank).
There are twitter followers subscription where you pay a company to get you "thousands of followers per week". I would be careful about all of these, as twitters has some terms and conditions and caps that they use if they find out that some wierd tactics are being used. They can close your account down! This has happened to some intenet gurus that I know of and I would be very careful using this type of subscription to get you followers. Although, having said that, once you get a large number of followers and you still want to get more targeted followers, then you can afford to pay for the subscriptions and you won't risk losing your account. However, for new or people who have low number of followers, please be careful.
Tools that you can use but you must purchase them. All can be bought through clickbank and offer some form of money back guarantee and some even offer trial periods for you to try them out.
Twitter Ally
Tweet Tank
Twitter Traffic Follower
Army of Followers

to name a few
I have used most of them and all have there advantages and disadvantages but they all do get you followers, not necessarily targeted but followers!!

Then you can use Twitterfeed at http://twitterfeed.com/ to feed your tweets to your blogs!!
To get started on Twitter there is a guide to using twitter provided by Twitter.